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How Native Americans Changed Football!

Carlisle Indian TeamIn 1912, a Native American football team, led by Jim Thorpe & coach “Pop” Warner, defeated the U.S. Military Academy on the fields at West Point, trouncing a team that included Eisenhower and Patton.  The astonishing winning streak of the Carlisle Indians changed American football into the strategic, thinking man’s game it is today.  In another startling turn of events, the  Oklahoma Hominy Indians football team defeated the Giants. Find out more of this exciting forgotten history!  Adult audiences.

Code TalkerWarriors in Uniform

Beginning with the Revolutionary War Native Americans have served in the American military in every national conflict – often in numbers higher than other ethnic groups. Some achieved fame; others served in quit valor. In WWII,
Navajo Code Breakers were key to U.S. victory in the Pacific. After helping to raise the flag at Iwo Jima, Ira Hayes, a Pima, toured the U.S. as a national hero. In all, 25 Native warriors have earned the nation’s highest military award: the Medal of Honor. Learn more about the patriotic men and women warriors who have served with distinction throughout our history. Adult audiences.

fishing modernNative Americans NOW! 

This overview cites often-surprising facts to profile the socioeconomic, health, education and legal status of contemporary Native American children, adults, elders and military personnel.  Intended for health care, social services, education & government personnel, this presentation can be customized to focus in-depth on topics of special interest. Adult audiences.

Native woman 1The Role of Women In Native Society, Then & Now
The role of Native American women in Native life and their contribution to our nation’s history has always been elusive and greatly underestimated, because early European writers were unwilling to accept and value women in roles other than the limited ones allowed in their own culture.  Reservation life forced men to abandon their traditional roles as hunters and warriors and to conform to European social customs, leading them to usurp female roles.  In contemporary Native American life, what women try to accomplish is often distorted or ignored.  Exploring the roles and achievements of women in Native society through the eyes of a Native woman and a historian, participants will also view exhibits, such as the visual creative arts contributions of Native Women – Their “Beautiful Visions” which were handed down through many generations.  Needed: 4 long tables for exhibits, microphone and electric, depending on the room a microphone might be needed.  Adult oriented.

Our Native American Heritage: What You Know That Isn’t So” 

Exploring–and exploding!!–the myths and stereotypes that have shaped our perception, portrayals, and policies of  “The First People,” this program accurately compares and contrasts three very different Native American cultures and details little-known Native American contributions to our national life.   NEW 2016


Wampum Belt & Tomahickan (Tomahawk)

Featuring the dramatic story of Indian Hannah, this is an in-depth look at the cordial relations of the Lenape, Quakers, and Moravians during the early settlement of Pennsylvania and at the later conflicts arising with other Euro cultures. Once respected “Grandfathers” who counseled for peace and arbitrated among the Native Nations, the Lenape were forced to negotiate desperately in a bid to maintain their values and relationship to their part of “Turtle Island.”  Adult audiences.

In Remembrance of the Treaty of Shackamaxon
From the Children of Tamanend, Lenape
To the Children of William Penn,
First Proprietor of Pennsylvania.
For we were ever sworn to be friends, and we will walk together like brothers.

Also Available: Current issues challenging Pennsylvania’s First People, Environmental and Contemporary Issues, Diversity Day programs and more.  Additional in depth programs focusing on the special topics you are studying in your school / scout curriculum can be arranged.