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We can once again offer programs at your site!

New information at the end.

Let’s start with how to say Hi in Lenape.  This greeting is useful any time but in a pandemic is much better than an elbow bump.  No contact is required!  Dating back a long time, this easy greeting is still around — even on TV and in movies.  The people using it just do not know it is Lenape! 

Here’s how to do it.  Beginning with your left arm hanging down, swing your forearm upwards, keeping your elbow at your side.  When your hand is near shoulder level, palm flat, fingers slightly spread, say Hé! (Hello) [you say – HEY!]!  Combining the already-common casual greeting Hé! (Hello) with the gesture, this works across a table or room, on the street, and on conference calls! 

Since Native American Heritage Programs provides interactive programs for children and adults of all abilities, our exhibits include items such as animal skins; plant materials (such as baskets); things to smell; objects for music making; and dolls and reading materials.  Enough to fill 4 – 8-foot- long tables, these items—meant to be touched!

In addition, we hope you will take full advantage of all the educational information on this very comprehensive website! Our team will be hard at work preparing new programs.  Our contributors include a professional researcher/writer/editor, teachers, special education teachers, college staff, librarians, historians, authors, and others.  We seek to surprise and fascinate you by presenting little-known aspects of our nation’s Native American heritage.  Based on 5 years of research, “Native Warriors of the Civil War” surprises even Civil War buffs, and “How Native Americans Saved Football!!” recounts a startling series of events that sports fans will never forget.  

Teachers and parents will be especially interested in When the Shadbush Blooms, an award-winning children’s book described on the Shadbush page at www.lenapeprograms.info. This full color exploration of the “cycle of the seasons” depicts both traditional and modern Lenape family life.  Designed to be read to and by children, When the Shadbush Blooms is appealing to young children, geared for learning to read and ESL pupils, and includes parent/teacher pages with Lenape words, meanings, and a pronunciation guide. It also works for environmental studies.  We offer a related Activity Page with a link to a Teacher/Parent Guide. In addition, we have Teacher/Parent & Children’s page links on our website. 

When the Shadbush Blooms has been reprinted as a paperback!  It will be available in bulk through Lee & Low and also as a signed and dedicated book through www.whentheshadbushblooms.net

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