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The mission of Native American Heritage Programs is to present, preserve, and perpetuate the history and cultural heritage of the Lenni Lenape, or Delaware Indians (who originally lived in eastern Pennsylvania, southern upper New York State, western New Jersey, and parts of Maryland and Delaware), and that of other Native American groups.  The organization accomplishes that mission through cultural heritage programs, workshops, and educational exhibits for children and adults of all abilities. Over 35 years of experience helping educators meet their goals by providing educational programs and workshops for schools, libraries, historical societies, groups and  businesses.

We help teachers meet Pennsylvania’s Academic Standards in History & Arts / Humanities, New Jersey’s Core Content Standards in Social Studies and Delaware’s History Standards.

Native American Heritage Programs has been designated a Woman/Minority Business by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania & Certified by the State of Delaware.antler-necklace-2web

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Providing programs for:  Your school, library, historical society, senior center, social group or business! Little Flower & Ambeson

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“United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes for Native American Heritage Programs products and services”

UNSPSC  –  United Nations Standard Products and Services Code The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code is a hierarchical convention that is used to classify all products and services.  It is the most efficient, accurate and flexible classification system available today for achieving company-wide visibility of spend analysis, enabling procurement to deliver on cost-effectiveness demands and allowing full exploitation of electronic commerce capabilities. The UNSPSC was jointly developed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Dun & Bradstreet Corporation (D & B) in 1998.

ID                    Name

93141707        Cultural heritage preservation or promotion services

60103600       Multicultural activities and resources

60103606       Multicultural theme units

60105421        Understanding or dealing with cultural diversity instructional materials

94131805        Ethnic minorities cultural preservation services

93131503        Human rights education or information dissemination services

86000000       Education and Training Services

86121501        Preschool educational services

86130000       Specialized educational services

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Native American Heritage Programs
Email: palenape@enter.net  Website: lenapeprograms.info
Voice: 610.434.6819

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