Frog Poems

frog gets flyBright-Eye by V.W. Bright-eye My name BRIGHT red EYES on me Change from green to red when mad STOPLIGHT! Neotropical Environment My home Got christened there BRIGHT-EYE Red eyed tree frog — Pennsylvania, grade 4

The Red Eyed Leaf Frog by Q.R. I am a red eyed tree frog. I hop all over the rainforest, To get somebody off my tail.

I hopped, I hopped, I hopped as far as I could.

The scientist caught me swimming, He named me Leaf Frog. In the cage I went, Another frog with me. It was a girl. I sang a ritual, And the female came hoppin’! — Pennsylvania, grade 3

Tulip Tree Frog by S.P. I witnessed a human walk by me A zookeeper watching for a new discovery I opened my eyes to see him My eyes as red as a tulip He thinks I am poisonous Red means STOP! — Pennsylvania, grade 2

Fire Eye by A.P. Sitting on a leaf A jaguar wandered by. I got startled and jumped in the water. When the jaguar departs I will hop back to my leaf. And if he does not, I will camp out here TONIGHT! — Pennsylvania, grade 2

Camouflage Ghost by C.M. I camouflage myself from leopards Wrestling on a leaf for a mate. I won the match. Ate so many grasshoppers I felt like popping! I chose to name myself Ghost. When leopards and tigers see my eye They’ll know to stay awayj! Ribbit…Ribbit! — Pennsylvania, grade 3

Froggy by J.N. I am jumping through the rain forest. I see lots of animals. Rain dropping on my nose. It feels good. — Pennsylvania, grade 1 Slimy Skin by G.F. Seeing from the tallest tree gallons and gallons of rain falling on my slimy head Leaves going swush Better be careful or I’ll be squished. — Pennsylvania, grade 1

My Name Is Winky by M.G. I live here I play here It is my home here I love it here I have friends here I love to splash in the water here. And my name is Winky. — Pennsylvania, grade 1

Froggy by M.L. Water drips on me. I jump into the river. There are river dolphins swimming. I jump back out. Then I climb in a tree. I see a jaguar staring at me with a loud breath. I zoom back down. Then I find my family. We are all happy. — Pennsylvania, grade 1

Beeter Reeter by J.G. I see the tiger jump and scratch in the water I see river dolphins I see parrots in the treetops The forest is alive! — Pennsylvania, grade 1 Bananas by C.S. I am hopping. I am thinking. I am under a leaf. It’s raining. I hate getting wet. Hop! Jump! Wow that was close! I was almost lunch! — Pennsylvania, grade 1

A Frog Named Bob by T.L. I am a sneaky tree frog I see a butterfly but how can I get to the butterfly without the butterfly seeing me? I know what to do I can blend into the grass. — Pennsylvania, grade 1

Hopply the Frog by R.B. One day I was hopping around in the rain forest. I smelled something similar to me and it was an ANACONDA! AAAHHHHH! I jumped as fast as I could! I didn’t…..get EATEN! — Pennsylvania, grade 1

Moments with Monte, the Red-eyed Tree Frog by Mrs. Trosini’s class Creeping quietly in cloud forest tree-limbs like Spiderman is my preferred sport. With suction cups on my webbed toes, I can swim but I prefer to spend my time clinging to the bright green leaves of my comfy home where, luckily, my color camouflages me.

Nocturnal amphibian, they call me. After a rainfall, watch as I snap out my sticky tongue to catch morsels most yummy: moths, flies, grasshoppers and crickets, but, from time to time, I’ve also been known to feast on creatures of my own species!

Unlike some of my bright-colored frog friends, I’m not poisonous. I use my twinkling red eyes as part of my defense – startle coloration. When those nasty snakes, birds, lizards, and small mammals come to call, licking their lips, looking for a bite to eat, I flash my cheerful red globes and those particularly pesky predators run off with a start!

You may want to keep me as a pet, but please think twice…. I need the warm, moist rain forest climate to survive. Please let me live with my own kind in our perfect home. Please protect the rain forest from destruction and devastation so my friends and I can live on forever! — Pennsylvania, grade 4

Splash by Mrs. Hartman’s class The sound of rain in my name. Raindrops bouncing off a leaf. SPLASH! I live in water As still as a rainforest puddle. Some pretty colors of a rainbow All over me. SPLASH! — Pennsylvania, grade 3

Mr. Rubies by E.S. and N.N. Eyes as red as rubies. I’m always winking at you. Seem to be smiling. I jump very high. Try and find me. Ribbit, you can hear me. Mr. Rubies of the rainforest. — Pennsylvania, grade 3

Smily by J.L., E.C., & A.M. I’m hoppy and smily, as green as can be. A belly as yellow as the sun in the sky. Red eyes like a ruby with suction cups on my toes. I hop from tree to tree. Insects for my dinner tonight! It’s very rainy where I live. Can you guess where? The rain forest! — Pennsylvania, grade 3

Greeny by J.D. As green as a leaf I watch my prey fly left to right. No one can see me. CROAK! But you can hear me. Red eyes, yellow feet, yellow belly, And the rest of me….green. — Pennsylvania, grade 3

Frog by S.H. I live in the rain forest so happy and plump because I have my choice of any bugs.

For breakfast it’s slimy slugs, for lunch it is snails. For dinner it’s dragonflies with a side of katydids.

I live high up in a tree above the canopy, where I have my one little hole with my siblings.

But I always do shudder at what is down below, creeping along on the forest floor. Many frog eaters and gruesome they are.

But to look on the bright side, I was one of the few to survive in an egg out of two hundred four.

I also enjoy the emergent layer while watching my relatives down in the canopy.

My cousins are wood frogs, my aunts are all toads. My uncles are cane toads that grow larger than newts.

Many stories are told of great heroes of frogs, Even the French frogs who are really just meals.

And the Australian cane toads with the road kills and such.

And of Croaker (Grover) Cleveland who was named president.

One day I’d like to become a hero, But for now I’ll stay as humble me Michael B. Plump. — Pennsylvania, grade 5

Mac the Tree Frog by J.B. My home is the rainforest, A myriad of vast colors such as green, blue, and red. I was born in an exotic plant called a bromeliad, A bowl-shaped plant of soft, velvety petals. Splish, splash, sploosh. The water sings down on the ground floor. The rainforest is peaceful until…the rain comes again showering down From the clouds. My colors on my skin do not mean I’m poisonous (don’t worry). These are just fake. My colors are like a rainbow just after a midday rain. Red, green, and purple. I eat insects such as flies. My long sticky tongue like tape can snatch them right out of the air. Hunters and woodcutters can be heard from not far off. Zzzzahhh booooom! Their machines are a swirling terror. Who, may you ask, am I? I am Mac. — Pennsylvania, grade 5

Wog the Frog by M.M. I know it may sound strange, but Wog is my name. The “W” is derived from winking, which I like to do. “Og” is for the frog I am. My diet consists of mostly bugs, But little, tiny frogs are a special treat. I was laid in an egg, which was soft as silk. The egg was one of hundreds laid in a bromeliad. Only five survived, including me of course.

While I was growing up, I lived in cloud forest, where the trees touch the sky. I lived in the canopy, for fear of larger creatures lurking below. I have more to tell you, but time is running out. Larger frogs are coming, much larger than me. Perhaps I will camouflage, or use my warning colors. Maybe the frogs will fall for my mimic, but in case they don’t, I’d better hide. So long! — Pennsylvania, grade 5

Bold by A.S. My name is Bold For my bright bold skin. It’s also for my bright bold eyes. I use my colors for many things Like warning predators that I’m not safe. I have eaten many things Some so strange you may not believe. I eat things like water bugs and caterpillars. The things are bold like me. I live in the canopy like a lion lives in a den. I’m part of the music of the rainforest Like everything is around me. Let me make my music For you And me. — Pennsylvania, grade 5

Winkers by A.D. Hi! My name is Winkers. I am a green little frog that jumps and sings in the Amazon rain forest. I love to eat. Crock, crock, glump! Oh, sorry, I just ate a nice juicy bug. I wink at everyone I know, and jump to the top of the world. Birds soar over my head. Oh my, the day is over so I must stop exploring. Ribbet, that means bye! — Pennsylvania, grade 4

Jungle the Frog by S.G. Eyes that look like orange gumdrops A green body that looks like a bright green plant. Tiny orange feet that look like little lollipops. I am jungle the tree frog. I go slurp, slurp, slurp to catch my food, ribbit croak, croak, ribbit That means good-bye. — Pennsylvania, grade 4