William Sauts N BockWilliam Sauts Netamux’we Bock

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William Sauts Netamux’we Bock is a famous Lenape artist and book illustrator whose works are exhibited in major private and public collections worldwide, including United Nations buildings, US State Department, and US Embassies.

snow shones in winter Wm Sauts N BockSauts has illustrated over 200 books, including editions of Tom Sawyer and the Last of the Mohicans was honored in New York City by the American Institute of Graphic Arts (A.I.G.A.).  His work ranges from miniatures to works on movable walls and doors!

Lenape man & wolf in winterYou may make an appointment to view his artwork, order existing work, or commission a work of art by contacting his studio and art gallery, 252 East Summit Street, Souderton, PA 18964, phone 215-723-7652.