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Book cover When the Shadbush Blooms

fishing modern    Excerpts– “My grandparent’s grandparents walked beside the same stream where I walk with my brother, and we can see what they saw.”  Told by Traditional Sister and Contemporary Sister, each from her own time, this is a book about tradition and about change. Then and now are not so very different when the shadbush blooms.

Today when a Lenape Indian girl ventures to the stream to fish for shad, she knows that another girl did the same generations before. Through the cycle of the seasons, what is important has remained: being with family, knowing when berries are ripe for picking, listening to stories in a warm home.

“The book captures so much that is Native: cycles, the particular roles and joys of people of different ages, plants and animals as integral parts of life, the richness of lives lived simply, and our connection to the past, and thus to the future. The language is crystalline, pure and sparkling, nothing wasted; nothing more needed.” ‹ Karen Cody Cooper (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma), Museum Training Coordinator, National Museum of the American Indian.

We have won the:
CCBC Choice 2008,
Children’s Cooperative Book Center Award,
2008 Notable Children’s Book in the Language Arts.
Recommended to teachers by the National Museum of the American Indian, Spring 2008, Education E-Newsletter,
Recommended on National Public Radio’s “Tell Me More” November 2007,
Featured in Kirkus Reviews’ BEA/ALA Big Book Guide 2007.

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Pa Lenape

Carla Messinger Cultural Educator and Consultant Native American Heritage Programs Program Presenter Author Founder / Director of Native American Heritage Programs (2002-ongoing) As a descendant of the Lenape (Delaware) Indians, who were the first inhabitants of eastern Pennsylvania, western New Jersey, and part of New York, I wished to present a true picture of early American Indian life, refuting stereotypes and developing an understanding of the Lenape peaceful, nature-centered lifestyle that could be of value to our competitive, ecologically-troubled modern society. Our mission is "to present, preserve, and perpetuate the history, lifeways, culture, and contributions of the Lenape and other Native American groups," and as Director of Native American Heritage Programs I continue that commitment today. Speaker for Pennsylvania Humanities Council “Commonwealth Speakers Bureau”, (2004-2005) (2008-2009) (2010-2011) Author of the award winning children’s book When the Shadbush Blooms (Fall 2007). (Random House-Penguin)