Hé! (Hello)

Hé! (Hello)

I have 100 pages with photos we update usually in the fall.  Please visit often.  If you need to contact Native American Heritage Programs here is the information. Email: palenape@enter.net     Website: www.lenapeprograms.info     Voice: 610.434.6819

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Pa Lenape

Carla Messinger Cultural Educator and Consultant Native American Heritage Programs Program Presenter Author Founder / Director of Native American Heritage Programs (2002-ongoing) As a descendant of the Lenape (Delaware) Indians, who were the first inhabitants of eastern Pennsylvania, western New Jersey, and part of New York, I wished to present a true picture of early American Indian life, refuting stereotypes and developing an understanding of the Lenape peaceful, nature-centered lifestyle that could be of value to our competitive, ecologically-troubled modern society. Our mission is "to present, preserve, and perpetuate the history, lifeways, culture, and contributions of the Lenape and other Native American groups," and as Director of Native American Heritage Programs I continue that commitment today. Speaker for Pennsylvania Humanities Council “Commonwealth Speakers Bureau”, (2004-2005) (2008-2009) (2010-2011) Author of the award winning children’s book When the Shadbush Blooms (Fall 2007). (Random House-Penguin)